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See what people are saying about our products!


"I love the Exfol A it!!  My skin soaks it right up and I saw such a big difference in skin texture and tightening...I was amazed within days.  I love how my skin feels.  I've never seen this fast of results with anything I've used!"

-- Sunny S


"Dear Barbara, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the products you sent me.  They are amazing!!  The Rejuvenate TR as worked wonders on my face and so has the Buffing Pearls Cleanser.  About four months ago my face was breaking out and I could never seem to get rid the ugly acne. Once I started using your products, it started to slowly disappear. Now that I have been using your products for a while, my face is so much clearer and has a glow to it.  I love it!!  I can now where my hair up and not worry about having a huge zit that everyone will stare at.  Well, anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I love your products and will definitely recommend them to my friends and co-workers. Thank you so much!"

--Stephanie, CA


"My jaw line is looking more defined after only 1 week of using the Neck Lift crème. I am very happy with this product!"

– M.R.


"These skin care products are a blessing from God! I am so happy that you offer them at such great prices. I am so excited to try the Eye've Got a Secret Eye Crème! This month I began using the OverNite Success crème and I am waiting to see amazing results. God’s blessings and many thanks."

--S. L.


"Hello Barbara, Thank you for sending me your products. I love your line of skin care. I noticed a difference in my skin the minute I used them. This is my first experience with your products. Do you by chance offer a makeup line? I would be very interested!"

– D. F.


"I visited your site for the ProHelp Cream and also ordered the Lift-in-a-Jar. Oh my goodness!!! I have only used the Lift cream for a week now and I am amazed!  The ProHELP is great too. I am sleeping so much better and feel vibrant again! I posted my transformation on my Facebook page along with information about your wonderful products! Thank you so much!"

--L. D. 


"Dr. Hoffman, I wanted to thank you for your recommendation of using the ProHELP Crème on my face. I didn't notice a difference in my face instantly but one morning, around week three of using “C” U Later Wrinkles and the ProHELP Crème on my face, I woke up and my face was glowing as you promised it would.  I received so many compliments that day on my ''make up''! They didn't know that I actually used less make up that day than I have in months! Again, thank you so very much and I have been telling all my friends, family, and co workers about your products!"

--Esther P. 


"Dear Barbara, I watched you recently on Daystar, when you talked about how Ester-C can build collagen on your face. It works!! I went for a facial recently and the facialist ask me what I was doing to build collagen she was using a 17 on her machine when on a previous visit the number was 13!  The higher the number the more collagen in your face. Do you have other recommendations for 60 year olds to keep everything going NORTH!!! Thanks so much." 

– Kay G.


“Thank you so much for the products you recommended. They have worked wonders for me. The “C” U-Later Wrinkles and the Lift-in-a-Jar are excellent products. The wrinkles on my chin and neck have almost vanished (I started using the products on June 6th). The menopause Moisture Crème has helped me too!”

– Thelma S.


“I love this product. I love the way my skin has improved, no spots at all. I am 71 years old and my skin looks so much better with the Rejuvenate TR. Thank you and God!”

– B.D.


“Ever since I have been using New Healthy Skin Care I have had several comments from associates about “looking younger” and “what have I done?” A stranger commented on “how nice my skin looked”. I have been using rather costly skin care products from Neiman Marcus for a number of years and now thanks to watching Daystar I have an affordable and wonderful skin care system.”

– Charlotte S., HI 


“Thanks so much for responding to my email in such a pleasant manner. The representative I spoke with on the phone yesterday was helpful and pleasant as well. She was so chipper and enthusiastic. I use your products faithfully and they ate WONDERFUL ! I have seen a 100% improvement for my skin. I've gotten compliments since I started using your products. I can't compliment your products or your staff enough. I'm so glad to be a healthy skin user!”

– Latrise F.


“I decided to try Barbara Hoffman’s products and have been so pleased & satisfied with the skin care line. I have been using the skin care for the last 9 months or so, and especially the “C” U Later Wrinkles and Rejuvenate T.R. my skin just gets better and better! Plus the customer service is exceptional! I would highly recommend the skin care line!”

– Anissa C., Oregon


"HAPPPY, HAPPPPPPY!! Thank you, Thank YOU, My package arrive Monday afternoon so I used all the products Monday night and today is Wednesday morning and I am going off to have a facial. Had I any idea that my face/neck/eyes would look SO GOOD and Feel even better I would have canceled the appointment. I can not begin to tell you how impressed and delighted I am to have found your products, I want everyone of them :D Big ((((HUG)))) I am THRILLED!!"

- Jeanne E., WA.


"Dear Dr. Barbara, I have to tell you what a great job the New Healthy Skin products have done on my face. I use the Basic Rejuvenation Kit and really love the product line!!"

-- C. D., Portland, OR


"Ms. Barbara! Thank you soooo much for the sample of Rejuvenate TR cream. my skin looks great and the timing was perfect. I have 3 important things going on this month of November which is my daughter graduating from Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts school.

My other daughter coming from Chicago with her fiancé so we can meet hin and my birthday November 28th. So I will be placing my order Monday for the Menopause Moisture Cream and then my face cream Rejuvenate TR. I THANK GOD for you and you will be haring from me soon as I buy your products! May God richly bless you!!"

– Jean S


"Thank you so much for providing great products. I've been using the menopause creme for 3 months now. It's amazing! I have know symptoms of menopause. After 2 months my vaginal dryness is completely gone. I'm really enjoying sex again with my husband. I'm 53 years old. I love the way Lift in a Jar makes my face looks really great. Thank you! Thank you! so much for the extra jar of menopause creme. That was really a pleasant surprise." 

--Gloria C., IN


“Dear Barbara, I received the makeup and I love it. The color is just right. Have gotten many compliments on my skin. It doesn't look like I have makeup on at all. I have sent your link to others who are interested. You're right about the red. LOVE IT!!

Thanks!!! God bless you!!”

– Edbru S.


"I've been using C U Later Wrinkles and Lift in a Jar for a couple of weeks now. I updated my profile picture yesterday, and I keep getting comments like, "You look 20 years old!" or "You haven't changed a bit!" I just turned 40 ;) Thanks so much for introducing these (and other) wonderful products on Joni. "

-Jayme A, LA


“Thanks for these GREAT products . . . I almost went and had the IPL for age spots and thanks to my friend Kathy, I avoided wasting my money. I am so excited about finally being able to get help with my age spots and wrinkles for a reasonable price. God Bless you!”

– Mia A. Costa Mesa, CA


"Hi Barbara, I just ordered the Buffing Cleanser, C U Later, rejuvenate TR, and my progesterone cream. He might think it is too girly; but since he is seeing results with your products, I think he might be willing to give it a try. Your products are the only skin care line that has worked for his skin. We have tried Murad, Peter Thomas Roth, Ole Hendrickson, and prescription strength skin care. Thanks for all your help!!  I can’t wait until I tell you that he is ACNE FREE!! 

-- Stacey M.




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