Can help improve urinary symptoms of enlarged prostate, maintain healthy prostate function, and reduce prostate enlargement.


"I want you to know how much my husband is benefiting from your Palmetto Complex II supplement. He thought he ran out the other day, then when I found a back-up bottle, he was so sincerely relieved that I said we need to let Barbara know. He says this is the only supplement -- and he has used several -- that solves his urination flow problem -- when he's not on this, when he does get up at night to go, he has to stand there a long time and start-stop with the flow, so he has to stand there and try for a long time, which is frustrating and disruptive to sleep. With this product, he can quickly do his business and get back to bed." - Linda Erickson

Palmetto Complex II with Lycopene

  • Palmetto Complex provides 320 mg of the highest quality standardized saw palmetto extract per serving, as well as beta-sitosterol, the major active principle in pygeum, zinc, lycopene, and a generous portion of pumpkin seed oil. Studies show that saw palmetto can be as effective as the drug Proscar in blocking DHT, which causes prostate enlargement.


    Take 2 softgels in the evening.