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“The symptoms of hormone imbalance are very real and very treatable and you are not alone. Natural progesterone offers a world of benefits and it can be the answer for you”


About Barbara Hoffman

Barbara Hoffman is a naturopath, medical researcher, journalist, women's health advocate and natural hormone & weight consultant. Barbara has been in the medical field for over 30 years and has worked in the field of women's health since 1980. For the past 20 years she has been researching weight loss, the benefits of natural progesterone, writing about alternatives to synthetic hormones, and compiling weight loss studies. She is the author of Hope For Your Hormones, Natural Progesterone For You, and The Good Mood Diet Plan.

Hope For Your Hormones

  • Available on Amazon for Kindle users:

    Amazon (Kindle Edition)


    Based on conversations with over 100,000 women about hormone balance. Answers to your questions about natural hormones and phyto-hormones.

    A natural approach to:

    - PMS
    - Menopause

    - Peri-Menopause

    - Post Menopause  


    Extensive research of benefits of natural progesterone Barbara has been writing about alternatives to synthetic hormones since 1992.

    Barbara has founded the Progesterone Research Network; an on-line educational center for women seeking to learn more about hormone balance.



  • What women are saying about Natural Hormones & Phyto-Hormones

    “I was diagnosed with osteopenia (precursor to osteoporosis). I began using progesterone cream daily. In about 6 months, I went to a normal bone density!”

    “Natural progesterone has worked for me! I have been using it since February, 2003 and it is a godsend. I'm 48 years old and peri-menopausal. It has helped my sex drive, has helped my hair to stop falling out, and regulated my periods. I'm sleeping better, I'm happier, and I feel BALANCED!”

    “I've been using progesterone cream for 2 1/2 months. When I began to use it, I immediately felt calmer. Prior to using the cream, I was very edgy, irritable, almost razor "sharp". Now people want to talk to me! Also, I used to have a lot of aches and pains in my body and they are 90% gone. I really recommend giving natural progesterone a try!”

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