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(formerly Chinese Herbs) Botanically-rich leave-in hair growth treatment for thinning hair or hair loss. Formulated with Apple Stem Cells and Swertia extract and a proprietary blend of Chinese Herbs which are scientifically proven to encourage micro-circulation and strengthen weak follicles & scalp.


“This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

Hair Solutions Energizing Scalp Serum (1.7 oz.)

  • Chinese Herbs Regenerating Scalp Serum is a proprietary leave-in hair growth concentrate scientifically proven to encourage micro-circulation and strengthen weak follicles and scalp. This botanically-rich formula incorporates Apple Stem Cells and Swertia extract in combination with the Peter Lamas blend of Chinese Herbs to accelerate new cell turnover, stimulate the scalp, and combat DHT build up— which can slow growth and cause premature hair loss. 

    These herbs have proven effectiveness; stimulating and re-invigorating weakened hair and scalp to promote healthy hair growth while helping prevent further hair loss. 

    Apple Stem Cells: specialized long-living plant cells that promote healthy hair growth

    Swertia Extract: increases micro-circulation of scalp & stimulates weak hair follicles to enhance hair growth

    Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract: naturally aids in baldness-prevention

    Paeonia Albiflora Root Extract: helps prevent premature hair loss

    Ginseng & Prunus Persica (Peach) Seed Extracts: promote re-growth for receding hairlines & frontal baldness

    Polygonum Multiflorum Extract: regularly used by Chinese doctors to treat thinning hair, also restores the texture & color of graying hair


    For optimal results, use morning and night. Apply a few drops directly to the affected areas and gently massage into the scalp. Style as usual.

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