Retin-AL contains Matrixyl, as effective as Retinol without irritation. Helps to stimulate and support the synthesis of collagen, restores the appearance of aging skin, enhances skin firmness & elasticity, promotes brightness and clarity, improves hydration, and reduces the appearance of wrinkle depth and volume.

Retin-AL Age-Defying Complex

  • Retin-AL Age-Defying Complex contains a matrixyl peptide formula that is just as effective as prescription Retinol, without the redness and irritation. Matrixyl helps stimulate and support the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycans that are important for restoring the appearance of aging skin and enhance skin firmness and elasticity. 


    A major 6-month study revealed that Matrixyl significantly reduced the appearance of wrinkles. The study showed a 50% decrease in wrinkle depth, a 68% decrease in wrinkle density, and a 24% decrease in wrinkle volume in just 6 months.


    Using Retin-AL Age-Defying Complex: 

    + Reduce wrinkle depth and volume

    + Increase collagen and elastin production

    + Restore elasticity and firm and lift the skin

    + Activate cell turnover

    + Promote brightness and clarity

    + Improve hydration

    + Soften the skin



    Apply several drops to the skin after cleansing and massage for 30 seconds. Use nightly before any night creams are applied.



    This is a powerful serum and just a small amount will give you the results you want!